This space

Hello.(: Thank you for visiting this backyard of my dreams. At life's little olive moments, I will be sharing the crafts I do and food I eat. More importantly, this space will be used to document how I can use this talent that the Lord has given me to encourage other brethren, and hopefully, inspire you to be crafty too!

In my opinion, what it takes to be crafty is a willing heart to try new things. It is very important to "be in touch with your creativity" that you may have once lost when you were a child. At the beginning, you may follow the style of many other "crafty people", but subsequently, you will eventually develop your own, and no one is to say that it is right or wrong, as "Creativity is multiple ways of solving a problem, and everyone can be successful in it".

"quote" -> Susan Kosoff, my lecturer inspired me with those words

My background

I have always enjoyed some form of the arts since I was a little girl, be it the performing, visual or language arts. However, I often felt that I was never good enough as there was always someone better. What it means is that it often felt like there were certain criterion or standard that I had to fulfill.

During my early childhood education studies, I went through several modules on the arts, namely, the creative arts, learning and teaching through the arts, and drama for children. Through these experiences, I learnt that being creative is not limited to "artsy-fartsy" people, but it is basically multiple ways of solving a problem. This means that it applies to all areas of life. That being said, with respect to the craft I do, I learnt that being different is okay, and more importantly, I do not have to be bound to the rules or expectations of others to determine if my craft is good or not.

How I started

Several years ago, scrap-booking shops started popping up all over the island. It got me very intrigued as I liked putting bits and pieces of things together to form something. When I first started, I purchased and purchased. However, over time, I realised that being crafty does not have to be expensive. It is using what I have or choosing cheaper alternatives and create something out of it. This means that instead of buying a stamp, I could use sponges and cardboard/bottle caps; instead of buying stencils, I could create my own using cardboard/used paper; and the list goes on.

Through the years, I learnt several things about crafting:

1. I thoroughly enjoy the process of creating, even if it is time-consuming

2. I always bounce back after a failure (recovery process: sometimes it takes me a long time, other times it takes me a short while), understanding that a failure teaches me new things, and are opportunities for me to grow - to develop patience, problem-solving skills, as well as to become better at what I do

3. I find it a joy to create things to gift and encourage others

4. I know that I can use this for God

With all these in mind, this is where it will go from here - this space will be a place for documentation and sharing (anyone who like to look at craft-craft and/or be inspired), as well as a place where I will be sharing how God has blest me through thoughts, songs and verses; to encourage my brethren.

Who takes the photos in this space?
Unless stated otherwise, all photos posted in this blog are taken by me. (:

Can I use the photos?
Photos taken in this blog are for personal viewing only. However, if you would like to use any of the photos posted publicly, please email me at lifeslittleolivemoments@gmail.com. Thank you. (:

Bible verses with photos (Notice)
Photos attached with bible verses are not literal representations of the verses in the bible. The intended purpose of the photos are to act as visual aids. This is especially useful for people who learn better visually (like me). (:

What church do you attend?
I attend the True Life Bible-Presbyterian Church. If you are interested, you can find out more about our church here.

What bible version do you use?
I use the King James Version as I believe it is the most accurate English translation of the Bible.
To find out more, you can read it in here.