Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Upcycling: Japanese Food Wrapping Travel Scrapbook

I just made a travel scrapbook using those pretty Japanese food packaging/wrapping to store all my trip momentos. This is my starting template. Time to add some washi tape, pictures, and words later on! This book acts as a travel diary, very much like a Traveller's notebook, except that it cost me almost nothing to make it! Pretty things can be affordable when you upcycle with creativity! (:

All you need:

- Stapler
- Eraser
- Scissors
- Double-sided tape
- Food packaging (featured here are from Potato farm, Tokyo Banana, Unagi Cheese cake, Mt Fuji Cheese Cake etc.)
- Travel momentos (product brochures, receipts, notes, coins, maps, air tickets etc.)
- Mini envelopes (I got mine from Daiso Japan, Sagano Scenic Railway Shop and stationery shops from all over)

Hope this inspires you to create your very own travel notebook!

Till then~

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