Saturday, March 1, 2014

Jan/Feb Scrapbooking, Food, and Design Projects

 In January, I made an engagement card for my friend. I wanted to subtly indicate the soon-to-be bride and groom, and did so by putting two love birds, one on each side, with small cut-outs of homme and femme jumpers. I sealed the envelope with my personal wax stamp.

In February, I attended a wedding and brought home some roses. After a few days, I deconstructed them and made photography designs. Photography is a big part of my life, and I like to explore different ways of designing a photo through tangible items.

A classmate wanted me to create a guestbook for the farewell of our administrator. She is well-loved by many, and is dear to my heart. After spending a few days exploring two designs, this is the final product.

Sometimes, cupcakes can be a lift-me-up on gloomy days. This is a cupcake from cupcake engineer. I like that the rose is made of butter cream and not cream cheese.

This is a month where we bid many goodbyes. Little cards are precious, but not as precious as the words inside..

Saturday mornings are great times to wind-down and have a homemade meal. I love a good breakfast. 

Finally, making anniversary cards are the sweetest. I love exploring new ways to design cards. Making use of what I already have is key. This helps me not to waste resources, and be creative. 

What have you made over the past two months? I love looking at new ways and ideas to make things. (:

Till then, 


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