Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Tutorial: Making a Birthday Card with Scrapbook Materials

I have long loved creating things with my hands, and birthdays are a perfect opportunity to do so. The thing that has been bugging me though, is this: I am often at a loss when it comes to birthdays for guys. Sure, I'd know what I can buy for them, but often times, the area of cards has been much lacking. Hence, this time around, I decided, enough is enough. I must overcome the challenge. With that, I present to you the card I made, with card bases you can purchase from my shop . I made two cards for this purpose, but only remembered to have detailed documentation for the first card.

Card One

Materials Needed

 - Scissors, double-sided tape, ink pad, and stamp

 - wraps or thick ribbons (whichever fits)

- Alphabet Stickers (the more variety, the merrier!)

- Card Stock (your card base)

How to Create?

1. Measure the length of wrap/ribbon you need for your card. Once you have measured your desired length, cut it.

2. Stick double sided tape on your wrap/ribbon, and paste it onto your card.

3. Embellish away! Decorate your card with alphabet stickers, and an assortment of embellishments! Do it your way, according to your style and taste. (:

Card Two

As for the second card, I did not document much, but here are some of the materials I used:

- Alphabet and Number Stickers and Foam Stickers

- Card Stock

- Transparent Patterned Plastic Sheet (with music scores)

- Border cut from card stock

1. Follow similar instructions for Card One, when making Card Two. It is mostly about finding the right colour combination, contrast, and combining them both together. Trial and error works best for me. To put them together, arrange them to the position you want to stick on, and see if the style works for you. If it does, affix it together!

Once you are done, write your message, and send it away! I often find this therapeutic, especially when leading a hectic city life. I call this 'Breathable Therapy'. (:

Till then, 


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