Saturday, September 28, 2013


The past weeks have had their fair share of trials and testings. But God sends little reminders here and there of His goodness and mercies abounding.

His reminder today was especially strong, on how life is not a performance, but consecration to Him. I had to ask myself so many times if I was performing, or if I was truly consecrating it to him. I want to live my life to serve Him. I want my eyes to behold only Him and none else. I want to dedicate my whole life to serve Him, and Him only. Desire alone is not enough. It takes continual effort to do the right thing for Him. It takes a lot. I learnt from a friend today that it is God who gives it. It is God who gives the strength. It is not that I did not know, but that I forgot. I am now reminded clearly that it is God who gives the strength to serve Him. It is God who keeps me awake to do my assignments. It is God who sees me through long and tiring weekends, serving Him. It is God who delivers me through lectures, tutorials, presentations, projects, travels, meetings, and sleep. It is God. God gives us strength to serve Him. Service is not something God needs from us. He can do without it. Without my service, God's Work can still go on. He is powerful that way. He can make things happen even without my service. But God allowed me to serve, for His own good pleasure. Service is a privilege He gives me. It is something He grants to me. Something He bestows to me. Hence, the attitude in which I take, knowing that He does not need my service to live is this: I must be humble. I must serve Him humbly. Serve others humbly. This phrase "service is a privilege" has been said so often that the meaning seems lost in translation. But now I know. Today, I have learnt. Service is a privilege God gave to me, for His own good pleasure. I must serve him in humility. No self. Just God. May He help me. Need Him every second. Dead to self. Alive in Christ.

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