Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Maple & Market: Home in the Heartlands

Decor & Location:

Maple & Market is pretty easy to navigate, especially convenient when there's Dakota Circle Line MRT round the corner. Lovely thing to do is to have lunch at Old Airport Road Food Centre first, then have tea at Maple and Market. Once you reach 34 Cassia Crescent (under a HDB block), you will notice a heartland coffee shop. Next to it will be the homely air-conditioned bakery. Right smacked in an old estate, it does look slightly out of place. Nonetheless, it gives off a youthful and vibrant touch to the heartland.

The interior design is well-thought through. Little details were taken cared of. Once I stepped in, I never felt like leaving. One thing to note is - the toilet. I had to get out of the shop, walk all the way to the back, and search for the toilet from the back gate. It felt like I was trespassing into someone's apartment. But since the concept is supposedly a bakery, I guess, the toilet isn't much of an issue. Though I would have preferred if I could access the toilet from the shop. The toilet design was pretty neat, though there were clothes hanging on the hooks, and a display cabinet full of toiletries. At this point, I really felt like I trespassed into someone's space. If I could change the flow of the space, I would prefer to access the toilet from the shop. The whole experience would have been better if the toilet had no personal clothes hanging on the rack next to the toilet bowl and a display cabinet full of toiletries. Because at that point in time, I was momentarily confused. In a space, a human needs to know what the space is called for. In this space, there are several uses. Bakery, and cafe. So is it a bakery, or is it a cafe? Not that there can't be both. Just that, if it has both, there must be a proper consideration for toilet usage (flow of space). At least then, the carefully curated ambience won't be broken. I just felt it was such a pity though. It was this close, to creating a good first impression.

Anyhow, on to the food.


The Papa’s Kopi tasted more like carrot cake. The cake texture was dry. If Papa’s Kopi had more coffee, and was more moist, I’d have liked it better.

The Apple and Blueberry was just right. Moist, and when mixed with the cream and fruit in between, melts right into my mouth. Okay, maybe I am exaggerating, but I loved the Apple and Blueberry. My friend said that it tasted like souffle.

Blossom’s cake texture leaned towards the dry side, though it was not as dry as Papa’s Kopi. After tasting the cake in its entity (cream and cake), the texture tasted more compact than the other two cakes.

Out of these three cakes today, Apple & Blueberry still shines triumphantly.


My friend had the coffee, but their signature thus far, is still cake.
I, on the other hand, had iced Lemongrass Jasmine tea, which I thought was perfectly refreshing. Light, sweet, with a tinge of lemongrass. A cup of bliss, I’d say.

If I were to head back again, I’d have some apple and blueberry cake, accompanied with a cup of refreshing iced lemongrass jasmine tea. And maybe, just maybe, sign up for a class and have my hand at baking.

Maple & Market
34 Cassia Crescent
#01-82, S(390034)

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