Monday, July 29, 2013

When all is crumbling right before your eyes, what is it that keeps you going? What if all that are deemed as fail-proof crumble as well? What will you turn to? For me, looking to Jesus has been a great source of comfort and encouragement. Times when I have no answers and solutions to the happenings in my surroundings. Times when my world seems crumbling down. Times when I feel like nothing is helping me to press on. God is. And I know He cares. I have experienced Him working in my life. I know He is not some summer dream. He is real. He is true. He is faithful. And I believe He is.


Some seem to think that life here is but a summer dream. Perfect in it's seeming entity, without struggles, daily bliss. Truth is, life is far from what seems to be. Being in Boston was not one without struggles. Amid the wonderful experiences, there were many times I wanted to pull my hair out while writing my science paper, break into tears because there was too much going on, and scream because things were going in all the wrong directions. But in all this, no, I am not going to take a picture of me in tears (that will be just too weird), nor snap a shot of my paper while I am scrambling to identify the scientific name of a particular unidentified species. Because in life, we all have struggles and trials we have to deal with. Some come and go like the wind, while others stay till the cows comes home. Whatever the case, all of us have our support systems and go through them eventually. When we feel much better, we go out into the open and snap a beautiful shot. Because the story behind the picture speaks more than a pretty sight. It could just be the sigh of relief, a breath of fresh air, waiting to be experienced with someone.

Why, you may wonder, that I have to say all these things?

I have been told many a times, unknowingly or sub-consciously by those who make passing comments, on how "free" they think I am. They pile their passing comments and tasks onto my salad plate like a buffet spread. It is as if going to Boston was a 35 days and 34 nights holiday tour: scavenging the streets of Massachusetts for an adventure like Narnia (sorry Narnia, I just had to use you as an analogy). Yes, there were certain times it did feel like an adventure, but there were many other times that it wasn't. But in all things, lessons were learnt and my character was built stronger. When all is too hard to bear and no one is there, Jesus is the One who cares. For me, He was, and He still is my support system. So thank you Lord, for being here. And I do hope that in some way, when you have time to spare, or feel a little low, that the photos posted here, and the words said, can encourage you in some way. More importantly, my question to you is, who is your support system? Is there anyone that God has used to help you through the darkest of times? Thank God for these people, and treasure them, just as how God loves the church. Whenever times are low, I am always reminded of God's love for us sinners. The perfect sacrifice of God's Son. The crown of thorns pressed upon Jesus' head. The cruel cross He had to bear. His death. His resurrection. His glory in heaven. When I think of these things, I know that He will see me through the difficult times. Because He lives.


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