Saturday, May 18, 2013

Eat Food: Bread Yard

When was the last time you had such good food, that you wanted to go back there again, and again, and again? Bread Yard at SUTD is one of those places that made me dream of it just a few hours after leaving the place with a very happy stomach and heart.

This time round, I took Miffy out for a ride. It was her first at SUTD, and so was mine.

I took a really long time to decide what I wanted to get. Why? I was simply spoilt for choices. Everything looked and sounded so scrumptious! In the end, I ordered a salmon sandwich with a set that comes with iced tea and potatoes!

Where do I even begin? When I placed my food on the table, I was admiring it for a good few minutes. I believe Miffy was too. It looked pristine, and it still does.

The food was good. The bread was homely. The potatoes were heavenly. And the iced tea was just right. Not too sweet, not too bland. Basically, fantastic. (: As a person who does not like iced tea, I must say kudos to them for creating this lovely blend. I wonder if it is homemade, or from a packet..hmm.. Anyhow, all these for under 10 sgd is definitely a must-go.

Will I come back again? Most definitely. In fact, I cannot wait to try other creations! Is this a must-go? Yes. The affordable price, good ambience, and really tasty food is something you'd have to try at least once in your life-time. So go ahead, take a brunch, and enjoy~

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