Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Fill. Scrub. Drain. 
Add. Beat. Pour.
Drop. Boil. Squeeze. 

I was inspired by "Brunch at Bobby's" last night, and hence decided to try my hands at a local version of his southern dish. This means that I use ingredients that I can find locally, instead of breaking the bank. I used local lettuce from Thailand, two local eggs (small), and a mini potato from Australia.

How to prepare:

Australia Potato
1. Boil a small pot of water just enough to cook a potato. (Add some salt in to kill germs)
2. Wash and brush your potato to ensure that soil gets off the potato skin. (Technically, it is best to get organic potatoes as the thin skin tends to absorb all the pesticides and insecticides that farmers may spray. Also, by using a potato brush to brush off the dirt from the skin lightly, you will be able to get the nutrients you need from the potato skin, and get rid of dirt you don't want to be eating.)
3. Put your potato into the pot of boiling water and let it boil.
4. Now, move on to prepare your lettuce. (Potatoes take really long to boil, so go ahead to prepare your lettuce while waiting)

Thai Local Lettuce
1. Boil a small pot of water.
2. Pluck the lettuce leaves from the stem.
3. Put them into a bowl, soak them for a bit, and wash them.
4. When the water is boiling, put the vegetables in for a few minutes. Take them out once you think it is ready. It really depends on how cooked you want your vegetables to be. For me, I prefer to let them sit for no longer than 5 minutes. (Actually, 3 minutes is good enough. you don't want to eat soggy vegetables with all the nutrients in the boiling water..)

While your lettuce is boiling, prepare your eggs.

Egg Omelette
1. Add some oil, preferably the healthier ones like olive oil (or coconut unrefined oil if you'd like).
2. Heat the pan with low heat.
3. Crack two eggs (or as many as you want).
4. Add salt and a bit of water.
5. Beat it.
6. Pour into pan.
7. Spread the edges outwards.
8. Push the sides inwards.
9. Repeat step 7 & 8 till egg looks 3/4 cooked.
10. Take it out and lay onto a plate.
11. Put lettuce, after draining, onto omelette and fold into half.

Final Steps
1. Take potato out and dry it.
2. Cut a v-shaped slit and add mayonnaise if you'd like (or any other dressing is fine). For healthier options, add honey. or nothing at all. (:
3.  Sprinkle some herbs onto the mayonnaise.
4. Enjoy your brunch!


I really liked what I prepared today. It had the carbohydrates, protein, and vegetables I needed. To accompany it, I had Chinese tea. It did have unhealthy fats though, but you can always omit mayonnaise if you'd prefer a healthier option. From cooking, I learnt that I can always use ingredients I have locally, instead of trying to find the exact same ingredient stated in the cooking show or recipe book.

Till next time!

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