Monday, April 22, 2013

Creating Beautiful Memories

Have you ever had a time when you realised that you have too many photos in your phone? Have you ever missed seeing them in real life? Have you missed the touch and feel of a photo? Have you ever had too many cards stashed neatly away in boxes, waiting for their turn to turn yellow? Well, I have. I missed seeing hard-copy photos, got sick and tired of the countless soft-copy photos I had, and basically, missed reading cards my friends wrote to me. So this is what I did one afternoon sometime back:

I went ahead to print some photos of my family and friends, took a part of my bedroom wall, filled it with the many letters I was given in the past, and filled them with lots of photos too. Till this day, I still have them on my wall. When I have a tired day at work, looking at a wall full of living beautiful memories makes my day. And since it is just across my bed, I can always lie there and gaze at the many memories created. If you were wondering, I used washi tape - a tape that does not peel paint off; to paste my photos and cards up. You can do something more beautiful if you'd like. I have uploaded some items in my craft shop that you can purchase to help you create beautiful memories on your bedroom or living room walls. 

Go ahead, create your beautiful memories!

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