Tuesday, March 26, 2013


p.s. By the way, if you were wondering what's with the new addition of an advert at the sidebar, it is a local website called Luxola, and it sells beauty products. I purchase hand creams, balms, and oils from there. I thought I'd share this website as it sells nice hand creams and lip balms, both good for moisturising chapped hands and lips. (: Other than that, I do not believe in putting excessive make-up or using any beauty product for the purposes of seduction as I believe that it is not proper for a Christian woman to be doing so. 

While I was looking up some articles on the febc website, I found this portion, and thought that I'd post it up as a reminder to myself. There's just so much verses that pop out from these proverbs. (:

By Wang Ming Tao

Fearing God is the foundation of life.
Loving neighbour is the way of living.

Be very sincere in dealing with others.
Be very severe in regulating yourself .

When in poverty do not cringe.
When in prosperity be not proud.

Never harbour a spirit of jealousy.
Rejoice with them in prosperity.

Rejoice not at the misfortunes of others.
When others are down share their troubles.

Don't overtake your neighbour where profit lies ahead
Don't step backwards in the face of common danger.

When you're indebted to others be ready to confess
and redress.
When others are indebted to you, be indulgent and

When doing good to others regard that your duty'
When others do good to you, recognise it is by their

Let not any wealth that goes through you,
whether big or small, soil your palm.

ln making friends with members of either sex,
be proper and open.

Do not promise easily.
Having promised, be diligent to fulfill.

Let the strong points in others become a pattern to you.
Let the weak points in others be a warning.

Control your temper: be not easily provoked to anger.
Guard your lips; and be slow to speak.

Do not borrow at random
Pay back quickly any loan.

Respect your elders, and elders of others.
Love your children and children of another.

Do not spread any unfounded report.
Do not do anything that fears exposure.

Do not covet the wealth you see in others.
Do not look on with folded arms when others fall.

Bow not nor fawn before people.
Speak no evil behind others'backs.

Be diligent and loyal in serving others.
True and straightforward in your transactions.

Hate evil like snakes and scorpions.
Love neighbours like rare treasures.

Rather lose money than trustworthiness
Rather lose your life than self-control.

Do not cover up your mistakes.
Nor boast at all of your virtues.

Be always courteous in speech and conduct.
Be always neat and tidy in apparel.

Do not provoke others to hate you,
Nor speak words that irk your hearers.

Absolutely no smoking, no drinking, no gambling
Taboo to all seductive make-up.

Think always for the good of others.
Wherever you go seek God's glory.

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