Tuesday, February 19, 2013


school's started

I have been having some really bad lower back pains these few days, and am taking some medication to numb the pain while I wait for my doctor to reopen. Thank God for medication. With it, I am able to be in school to learn without being too concerned about pain! (:

some snacks to curb late night hunger pangs

~ Through trials as such, God is teaching me to be patient (wait upon Him to touch and heal), humble (to know that I am small and weak, and He is strong), and more importantly, to see how the things I was able to do so easily in the past can be taken for granted subconsciously - daily routines (to count my blessings, even the smallest of things). With that, I thank you Lord, because it really helps to put a whole lot of things into perspective. ~


  1. amen. may God be your source of strength as you start school :)

  2. thank you esther!(: God has been good to see me through this week thus far. I almost thought I couldn't make it home today, was struggling to pull through as I was physically weary. But God saw me through as He always do. (: