Saturday, January 12, 2013

Handmade Birthday Card-Book

Its' been a while since I last did an elaborate post on something handmade, so here goes! In my friends circle, January is an extremely busy month celebrating birthdays, and what's a better way than to celebrate it handmade? (:

Handmade Birthday Card-Book

Supplies needed:
Selection of craft paper

Template of any shape

Pencil & eraser
Large Scissors

Eyelet Punch

Heart-shape brad for eyelet punch

Alphabet stamps & pigment ink pad

Alphabet and number stickers of any kind & size

Optional: Any pretty stamp for decoration

How to make?

1. Use a pencil and circle template to outline a circle onto selected craft paper
2. Use scissors to cut out circle
3. Repeat Steps 1 & 2 to cut out as many circles as you require
4. Rearrange the circles in the order in which you want your card-book to look
5. Use eyelet punch and heart-shape brad to punch a hole through the circles. 
    This helps to bind the circles together to form a card-book.
6. Start decorating!
7. For my card-book, I stamped small letters (TURNING) and another decoration stamp with black pigment fast-drying ink onto the cover page. 
8. After which, I pasted foam number stickers (21) and a shimmery cardboard exclamation mark in the middle of the cover page.

Step 7 & 8

9. Inside the card-book, I pasted alphabet stickers (writers' initials) on every alternate page, leaving the other page blank for writing birthday wishes. If you noticed, in every alternate page, the letters are pasted in different orientation. If you hold the card-book and read the messages in a clock-wise direction, you will end up turning one full circle after reading all the messages! (:

Step 9
Step 9
Step 9

10. Pass it to your friends (writers) to pen their birthday wishes!

~ Hope you'd have fun creating your own card-book too!~

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