Saturday, November 3, 2012

Weekly Roundup of DIY Projects

Recently, my mum passed me some IKEA plastic containers for storage. Thinking that the cover could do some outfit change, I decided to spruce it up with washi tape! p.s. sorry for the pale photos :p

Oh yes, and not forgetting a new, less than 5 minutes, DIY project! To make your own patterned fabric tape, grab some long scrap cloth that run for miles (okay, maybe not miles, but any length would do, depending on what you have), double-sided tape of any width (your trusty best friend), depending on what you prefer, a pair of scissors, and a weeny bit of washi tape, and you are good to go! 

1. Paste double-sided tape onto the plain side of the fabric cloth
2. Cut it once you have reached the end of the cloth
3. Trim the edges of the cloth for a cleaner look
4. Roll it up
5. Paste weeny bits of washi tape here and there to secure it

Your very own fabric tape at a fraction of the cost!
[As for me, this project was cost-free! Thank God for supplies. (: ]

Fabric tapes : Great for decorating cards, gift wrapping and a lot of other stuff you can think of ;)

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