Monday, November 5, 2012


God, the reason why I am alive today, and why I can go to my heavenly home anytime, knowing of my assurance in Christ Jesus. To be reminded of my purposes in life this week has been sheer blessedness. I am called to serve Him, make Him known, to glorify Him, and to enjoy Him forever. (:

Going through tough times, has only proved to me of how I need my Saviour, and how I truly need to be constrained by the love of Christ. This was a great time of reflection and prayer. 

On Saturday, I was reminded of what a blessed place the Lord has provided for us through our sister church, and their lovingkindness and hospitality they so often shower upon us. This has taught me not to take things for granted, to be snapped out of routine, and truly appreciate God's blessings. 


 Through this photo I found in my phone taken a while back, and the several reminders that God has sent to me through speakers' prayer, sermons, friends, photos etc, I am reminded to pray for others, especially for the mission field. May the Lord sustain all those who are serving Him faithfully, and may God's work increase!

Above all, thank God for a blessed week of reminders that His goodness and mercies are abounding.
All praise and glory be to God!


  1. yes, his goodness and mercies are always abounding :) love how you spruced up your containers with washi tape! washi tape is just so.... <3 hehe :)

  2. yes indeed! God constantly sends reminders to me to remember Him and all His glory! yupp, agreed! i believe there are more than 100 ways to use washi tape! we just have to figure them out~ :) btw how are you feeling these days? :)