Monday, October 1, 2012

Thank you mum ♥

dinner and homemade snow skin moon cakes

I thank God for my adventurous mum who loves to cook! Tonight, we have her mother's heirloom recipe of rice cakes, new flavoring and style of grilled honey chicken wings (yum!), and lastly, snow skin moon cakes! I had lots of fun helping to knead the snow skin, pressing them into the mold, and.. eating them! (: We had flavors such as passion fruit, coffee, and lotus.  Below are some photos of the fun ~

my amazing mum! 

I hope you enjoyed your night with your loved ones too! More importantly, I am remembering the Lord of how He has saved me from my sins, and given me this eternal hope in Heaven.

The Lord is good, plenteous of mercy, and His will is perfect
~ The Lord changed Saul through Stephen, who heard what Stephen said (Act 7:2-53), witnessed Stephen's death (Act 7:58), and afterward, met with the Lord on the road to Damascus (Act 9:3-6). Saul the persecutor, then became Paul the Apostle. ~

May God also use me for His glory! ♥

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