Friday, September 7, 2012

Handmade Notebooks

                      Front                                                                  Back

I decided to create an earthly notebook to pen down things that inspire me, craft and home decor ideas. This happens when I immediately want a notebook to write on and do not have any. (: 

Materials you need:
1. Brown paper (cut to A5 size, or you can cut it to your size preference)
- mine's from SKP wrapping paper section, but if you prefer more sturdy paper, get something else.(:
2. Sample A5 template
- to cut out many pieces of A5 papers from the huge wrapping paper

3.  Pictures
- mine's from a home decor magazine, but you can always find pictures elsewhere!(:

4. Hard paper board (for front and back cover)
- my SKP paper was not sturdy enough, so I used harder paper board and concealed it with brown paper on both sides. If you choose to use hard paper board, do not bind your book with thread like the one above.  It is only a temporary measure while I wait to get some metal book rings for binding. Metal books rings for binding such as these are good as you can add more brown paper whenever you need more of it, and the book covers can always be reused. There are also other binding alternatives out there that you can experiment with.(:  
- you can get such paper boards from the backing of drawing blocks, foolscap paper etc.

5. Metal book binding rings 
- thread used as temporary measure
6. Glue 
- glue tape works wonders(:
7. Scissors
8. Ruler 
- optional
9. Cutter
- a big paper cutter can save a lot of time
10. Pencil
- old school pencils work best
11. Stickers Letters 
- you can get cheaper alternatives from Prologue


Now, off I go writing all the lovely ideas~

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